:: Pedigree for Ezetha's ScoobeDoo::
Black - Male - Born Sept 1, 2010


 Shensi's Black Douglas (Black)  SE UCH Sirna's Doc Takes A Holiday
 (Fawn, US import)
 US CH WiseLore's Cody
 Amanda Marin (Fawn)
 Borzan's Black Yohanna
 SE UCH Björnhovs Black Bohmba Pug
 NO W-03 SE & NO UCH Highwave Queen Of
 Hearts (Black)
 Ezetha's Eyes Like Stars (Fawn)   SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH INT UCH
 Klehaugens Just A Gigolo (Fawn)
 Kendoric's American Flyer (Fawn)
 NO UCH Klehaugens Evy
 Borzan's Läckra Lena Of Lotus (Fawn)  NO W-01 NORD UCH FI UCH Kastanjan Lotus
 Lothar (Fawn, Finish import)
 NO W-01 NORD UCH Borzan's Hedvig
 Hallonsylt (Fawn)