My name is Janet Holm and I live in a small soldier croft in the Småland forest.

At the cottage, there are also 8 horses, 2 sheeps, 4 fawn girls, 1 fawn boy and 3 black boys, 1 cat, a bunch of chickens and 5 rabbits. I grew up with dogs. As a child I grew up with German shepherd. My dad was a cop.

In the 70s I was involved in starting the Uppvidinge Dog Club. I have for many years been a member of the Board.

The kennel name "Borzan's" is because I started to breed Borzoi and St. Bernard. I got the name in 1988. The same year, my first pug came into the house. He was named Skrynklans Labelle (Belle). This little crumpled guy that changed my life completely. Belle passed away on 14 May 2001 and was 13 years old. He left a great sorrow... I will always remember you Belle and you are always with me in memory preserved. Thanks for everything and for that you taught me to love Pugs.

Today I have 10 Pugs, 3 black males, 3 black females, 4 fawn females. In the house is also a Rottweiler. She's my guard dog and farm dog. She has also been on a couple of shows with ck as a result. Zuma's Gorgonzola (Leia) is currently 9 years old. You can read and see pictures of Leia on her page.

I breed both yellow / fawn and black Pugs. The black is closest to my heart.
The dogs are of course all over the house. They also have a dog room, consisting of two rooms. Tipper hatch that enables them to go in and out as they want. At night, however, the door is closed.

Every day I walk the dogs in the wood, no matter what the weather is.

The meaning of my breeding is primarily a Pug with the right, lovely temperament. A healthy Pug can follow along in the forest.
They will mate themselves and give birth without problems. None of my bitches has done a Caesarian operation. The dogs are free from patella. Some are even tested for PDE. My Pugs are showed and many of them have multiple titles. It is important to get an opinion from someone else, but also fun to meet all the other pug owners.

For 9 years I was Vice-Chairman of the Swedish Pug Dog Club and I have also organized Pug shows here at home in the garden.

I try to join many lectures and all is about dogs. I have joined two courses in anatomy, and assessment techniques. For two years I studied advanced dog care.

I completed my education as a ring secretary in November 2008.
I also think it's fun to judge the dogs and do it sometimes in unofficial dog shows. I've judged several Pug dog shows.