I make heavy demands upon the dogs I'm using in my breeding program, as well as I do to my selves and my customers.  All puppies are at least 10 weeks old at delivery. You also get a membership in the Swedish Pug Dog Club (Mops-Orden).

My dogs must be healthy before any mating.
No mating before 2 years older.
My dogs are free from Patella Luxation
I don't accept instalments.
I don't place any dog in foster homes.
You can call me 24-7.
I always buy a puppy back, if there are any problems.
If you are on vacation, I look after your dog for free.
I'm always available for my customers and happy to help.
You must guarantee that you take very good care of the puppy/dog.
The puppy/dog should not be left alone day times.
The puppy/dog must always be allowed to be around you (more or less).
If you aren't able to keep the dog (of any reason), please contact me first.
If the dog gets sick, please contact me first.
I don't deliver any dogs; you must come and visit me.
You must visit your puppy before delivery
I don't have a puppy waiting list. It's up to you showing your interest.
Send emails and give me a call at regular intervals.
Your chance, purchasing a puppy from me, is accordingly up to you.
It's a good thing if you can give me some references.
My goals are to breed healthy and nice dogs that should be treated with much love and care by their new owners and that you, as a customer, are satisfied with me.
If you, when you read this, want to purchase a puppy from me, give me a call so we can talk about it.
Please, do have in mind, that the time of waiting is about 1 year.

At delivery, each puppy is: 

Identified with micro chips
And has a certificate of health

And each puppy brings:

The Swedish Kennel Club's DVD "Welcome puppy"
Standard of breed
Care advices
A puppy blanket
A bowl
A toy and food

Welcome with your inquire!