Selma (Borzan's Lady Cheri) and Alvar.

Elton 12 years old, a son of Lotus Lothar.

Ezetha's ScoobeDoo
Mops-specialen 2011 BIS-Black.

Lilleman (Viktor) wants to travel with his mom when she is doing her education in Stockholm.

Our youngest grand child, Rasmus, is sleeping through the wedding when his aunt is getting married. 

A summer greeting from Greta, Cenneth & Karola in Växjö.

A greeting from Molly in Vadstena.


A picture of Borzan's Ace Of Spade in USA. We really look forward to have one of Ace's puppies. Ace's mother is Queen Of Hearts and his father is Kingsize Black Walnut.

Greetings from Valder in Kungsbacka.

Thanks Carol & Frank for the picture of Ace. We are so proud of him.

Our grand child Rebecka and Pajas at the dog show "Kids with dog" in Åseda May 21, 2009. What a great handler she is!

A lovely picture of "Foppa" Borzan's Black Wish To Big Beauties.

Borzan's Blueberry Boy (Dougal) and his friend Milli from Malmö send greetings. Thanks Jill for the pictures.

A greeting from Molly in Vadstena.

A greeting from Ace in USA. What a lovely head and expression!

A greeting from William in Oskarshamn.

A lovely greeting from Brutus and "his new little sister" in Växjö. We send them many hugs!

Winter greetings from Moll-Tass and Anki.

Four Step's Diamond Dream (Marry) Black Viktor's daughter. Marry lives in Norway with Andre Brun at kennel Opertunity. Thanks Andre for the picture of handsome Marry.

Happy Birthday to Balder, 6 years old, Oct. 28. The photo is sent from his owner  Ingrid Salomonsson.

Pajas' (Black Douglas) brother, Winston, when he took part of a tracking dog course with great results. This picture is sent from his proud owner, Ann-Helen Nyberg.

Moll-Tass with his friend Zeke.

A summer greeting from William and his family in Oskarshamn.

A summer greeting from Viktor's son Snoddas and his owner Rose-Marie Henriksson.

S CH Sirna's Doc Takes A Holiday at World Dog Show 2008 in Stockholm.

Borzan's Black Viktor at World Dog Show 2008 in Stockholm.

A lovely picture of Borzan's Ace Of Spades. Owners: Carol & Frank Sirna, USA.

Some of the pugs are resting.

Halloween greeting from Carol, Frank and the pugs in USA.

Borzan's Ace Of Spades

"Ace", who lives in USA with Carol and Frank, is in the store for shopping.

Our grand child, Rebecka, shows what a great handler she is, only 3 years old.
Rebecka is riding one of their horses.

Our grandchild Jonathan and his dog Larong who became BIS-3 in Vetlanda. Congratulation to the success!

A greeting from Greta in Växjö. Congratulations to your 8th birthday! Hugs and kisses to you from us.

This summer, me and my daughter and her 3 children, travelled with boat along Göta Kanal.

Here the adventure begins...

An old hotel.
Over an aqueduct.
Meeting another boat and it's very little space in the canal.
We passed through 9  locks.
The boat we travelled with.

Borzan's Black Viktor, Borzan's Ace Of Spades and Pugstars Svarta Mimosa (11 years old).

Brutus (Borzan's Black Vodka Sling)
Brutus with his mom Emelie in Växjö.

Bruno (Borzan's Fawn Åbron) in the wood.
Bruno plays in the small stream.

A summer greeting from Fridolf and his family.

A summer greeting from Moll-Tass & Zeke in Sundsvall.

Greetings from Chadna's Safir Of Doc, Gotland.

Greetings from our puppy customers from Finland. Juha and Tanja with their girls.

Greetings from Juha and Tanja's black Pugs (breeded by us) Oiva & Urho.

Here is a picture of our grand child Jonathan and his dog Larron which became BIS-2 in Moheda. Jonathan is a great handler. We send him congratulations and many hugs!

Greetings from a tired Cobra, at kennel Two Steps, to his dad Viktor with family.

Greetings from Gösta, Åsa and Gullvivan.

Me and my daughter shopping Pug things in USA.

Out for dinner.

We say hello to a musk-ox.

Mopsi, who lives in Denmark.

Åsa from Gotland.

A whole Pug-family! (Carol and Frank in USA.)