Mops-specialen, Gränna
Judge: Ann-Kristin Eriksson, Kennel Pugwamps

Thanks to the judge Ann-Kristin who placed ScoobeDoo as BOS and his group to Best Breeding Group.

Multich MultiW Ezetha's ScoobeDoo BOS-Black 

MultiCh MultiW Ezetha's ScoobeDoo BOS
MultiCh MultiW Ezetha's ScoobeDoos Breeding Group BIS-1

Aug 1, 2014 SKK Jönköping
Group judge: Petra Junehall

KBHV-12, C.I.B, NORDUCH, NORDV-12, EECH, FIV-12, SEV-12 Ezetha's ScoobeDoos breeding group wins BIS-3. Thanks to judge Petra and many thanks to the owners of his offspring who remained. We had not been able to compete without you. Big hug from us and Scoobe!

June 29, 2014 SKK Borås
Judge Timothy Finney, Ireland.

Thanks to the judge Timothy who placed our young girl, Sen Chinyoni Blackmail The Burbank "Fanny", as Best Bitch + CC & BOS. Thanks to Fanny's breeder Teele Juursalu. We are so happy and proud of her.

May 18, 2014 Hässleholm
Thanks to the judge Leif Jörgensen Lehman Denmark who placed our successful boy MultiCh MultiW Ezetha's Scoobedoo as BOS and our young fawn girl Sen Chinyoni Blackmail The Burbank (Scoobedoo's daughter) as Best Bitch-3.

April 13, 2014 Tallin Winner Estonia 
Judge: Birgit Seloy, Denmark

Strandsmedjans Griffin juncl: Exc 1, junior cc, BOB-junior, Tallin Junior Winner 2014. Thanks to Teele Juursalu who shows him and taking so good care of him.

Feb 22, 2014 Tartu Estonia
Judge: Beata Petkevica, Latvia

Strandsmedjans Griffin juncl: Exc 1 BM Junior-cc BOS at his first show in Estonia.
S.C Brief Blackout (Miss Strawberry) BOB BIS-Junior BIS, owner, breeder & handler: Teele Juursalu. Thank you Teele for taking care of and showing our boy Griffin. Sire to both pugs is MultiCh MultiW Ezetha's ScoobeDoo.
A big thank you to judge Beata Petkevica who set up both Scoobe's children at the top.

Jan 4, 2014 MopsOrden, Haninge

Thanks to the judges, Gunilla Johnson & Cathrine Westin, who liked our black pugs so much. 
Also thanks to Teele Juursalu who handled Annelie so good.

Borzan's Black Annelie
BIS-Black Puppy

MultiW & MultiCh Ezetha's ScoobeDoo
Best Black Male BOS-Black

Ezetha's Scoobedoo
Best Breeding Group

Sept 21, 2013 MopsOrden, Varberg
Judge: Susanne Larsson

Thanks to the judge, Susanne, who placed our black boy, Strandsmedjans Griffin, to BIS-BLACK PUPPY.


Thanks to the judge, Susanne, who placed our black boy ScoobeDoo to BIS & BIS-BLACK.

June 8, 2013 Mopsspecialen Eskilstuna

Thanks to the judge, Anette Holmén, who placed our black boy, Strandsmedjans Griffin, to BIS-BLACK PUPPY. BOS black puppy was his sister.

Thanks to Anette Holmén who placed our boy Scoobe to BIS-BLACK and 2nd Best Male (BOS-black was his sister).

Jan 6, 2013 The Pug Dog Show (Mopsspecialen) Stockholm

Our Scoobedoo did it again. BIS-BLACK and SUPREME-BIS. Thanks to the judges Jan Törnblom & Joakim Ohlsson. What a great start of the new year!

Dec 16, Stockholm Swedish Winner-12

Just amazing! Scoobedoo became BOS and got the title Swedish Winner 2012. Scoobedoo's litter sister, Ezetha's Schoolgirl, became BOB and Champion and got the title Swedish Winner 2012, owner Cathrine & Ulf in Värnamo. Thanks to the judge, Alison, who placed them as BOB and BOS. Just incredible with two black pugs at the top.

Photo: © Torbjörn Seim

Dec 9, 2012 Helsinki, Finish Winner

Thanks a lot to the judge, Jan Sonne-Schmidt, who placed our black boy SE Uch, DK Uch, KBHV-12 & Nordic Winner-12 Ezetha's Scoobedoo to BOS and gave him CC & CACIB and the titles FIN Uch, Finish Winner 2012 & Nordic Champion. What a great day and what a guy he is our Scoobedoo.

Nov 4, 2012 Herning Denmark Nordic Winner
Judge: Elisabeth Olsen, Norway

He did it again our black boy SE UCH DK UCH KBHV-12 Ezetha's Scoobedoo. He became BOB and Nordic Winner 2012. We are so proud of him.

Thanks to the judge Elisabeth who placed him for the second time as BOB. 

Sept 15, 2012 Mopsspecial Varberg
Judge: Lundi Blamey GB

He did it again. KBHV-12 SE UCH DK UCH Ezetha's Scoobedoo became Best Champion, Best In Show Black and BEST IN SHOW. JIIIIIIIIIIPPIIII. What a guy!!!
Scoobe's litter sister, Ezetha's Schoolgirl, became BOS-Black and BOS. Two top winning black pugs from the same litter. Thanks to the judge.

Sept 15, 2012 Mopsspecial Varberg
Judge: Lundi Blamey GB

An 11 years 'old man' joined the show (sire IntuCh NorduCh WVW-08 Borzan's Hubert Blåbärskräm) Borzan's Dark Oskar High Up aka Isidor. He competed in the class of veterans and ended up as BOS-Veteran. Owner: Jenny & Ronnie Juneklint, Varberg. Thanks for taking care of him so well during the years.

Sept 2, 2012 SKK Int. Show Högbo Sandviken

Thanks to the judge Birgitta Svarstad who placed our black boy KBHV-12 Ezetha's Scoobedoo to Best Male-3 and gave him the CC so he became Swedish a Danish CHAMPION. JIIIIIIPPPPIIIIJAHHOOOO!

July 8, 2012 SKK Int. show Tvååker

Once again, Scoobedoo did it! BOB, CC & CACIB for the judge Monika Stavenborn, Sweden. Thanks Monika!

Scoobedoo also became BIG-3 for the judge Jan Sonne-Schmidt (Denmark). Thank you Jan! 

July 1/, 2012 SKK Borås

He did it again, our black boy Ezetha's Scoobedoo: BOB, CC & CACIB. Thanks to the judge Jeffrey Bazell, USA. Jeffrey has breeded 100 champions and been a pug breeder for 40 years. Also thanks for the critics "Supercobby and outstanding".

June 17, 2012 Denmark Ballerup

Scoobydoo Best Male with CC, CACIB, BOB & Copenhagen Winner 2012. 

Thanks to the judge, Charlott Patterson, for the BOB.

March 17, 2012 SKK Malmö

Thanks a lot to the judge Elisabeth Olsen Norway who placed our young black boy, Ezetha's ScoobeDoo to the Best Male with CC & CACIB and then BOB. 

Jan 6, 2012 Mopsspecial Kista Stockholm

Thanks a lot to the judge Anita Tuneström who placed our young black boy, Ezetha's ScoobeDoo to the Best Black Male in Kista. Thanks a lot to the judge Gunilla Hirving (picture) who placed him to BIS-BLACK. We are so proud of him.

2011 Lilla Mops-specialen in Varberg

Judge: Johanna Nyberg

Ezetha's Scoobedoo BIS-JUNIOR, BIS-BLACK and BEST IN SHOW!! What a guy he is, just 1 year old!!! We are so proud of him and thanks again Amelie for this amazing guy.

Our thanks also goes to the judge, Johanna.



Best In Show

Skk Ronneby 2011 

Judge: Jari Laakso, Finland

Just 11 months old, our Scoobedoo became Best Male with CC and then BOB for the judge Jari Laakso. Thank you Jari! Today a dream came through; to become BOB with a black pug.

SDHK Borås 2011 

Thanks a lot to the judge Andrew Brace who placed our young black boy, Ezetha's ScoobeDoo, as BIS-Junior. The day after, at SKK's show, the judge John Watson placed him as 2nd Best Male with a CC. "Scoob" was first judged by Hanne Laine Jensen as Best Junior with Ck. Thanks a lot to these judges too.

June 18, 2011 Mops-Specialen 
Judge: Hans Rosenberg

Thanks to Hans who judged our black boy; Best Male 3, Best In Show Junior & Best In Show Black.

Ezetha's ScoobeDoo
BIS-Junior Mops-specialen 2011

Ezetha's ScoobeDoo
BIS-Black Mops-specialen 2011

Jan 9, 2011 Mops-Special Kista
Judge: Sonny Ström

Ezetha's ScooBedoo

Sept 4, 2010 Mops-Special
Judge: Ylva Hagman, kennel Minitiger's

Shensi's Black Douglas (Pajas)

Sept 4, 2010 Mops-Special
Judge: Ylva Hagman, kennel Minitiger's

Four Steps Fit For Fight (Emil)
BIS-JUNIOR & Best Male 4

July 24, 2010 Mops-Specialen

At Mops-Specialen show in Köping our young boy, Four Step's Fit For Fight, became the best pug in junior's class and then BIS-JUNIOR. At last he ended as Best Male-6. Judge was Mr Robert Hitchcoock, GB. Entry: 48 male pugs. Thanks to Robert who liked our boy so much.

July 4, World Dog Show 2008 Stockholm

Thanks to the judge Michael Quinney, England, who gave our 10 years old veteran boy Int & Nord Ch Borzan's Hubert Blåbärskräm the title World Veteran Winner-08. What a great weekend! 

November 2007
Ozarks Kennel Club USA

Congratulations to Carol & Frank Sirna and thanks to the judge, Ed Bivins,
who placed Borzan's Ace Of Spades (at an age of 6 months old) to First price, Winners & Best Of Winners on his first show in USA. We are so very proud of our black breeded boy.

June 30, SKK Gotland

Thanks to the judge, Britta Roos-Börjesson, for Borzan's Fawn Åsa To Gotland's BOS with CC. Åsa is co-owned by Lisen Lundström, Gotland.

June 2, 2007 Mops-specialen Medevi Brunn

Thanks to the judge Monika Stavenborn for Borzan's Black Viktor's Best Male-3 and BIS-Black and for S CH Sirna's Doc Takes A Holiday's Best Male-2.

Photo: Ehfi's kennel

2007 SDHK Tånga Hed

Thanks to the judge Britta Roos-Börjesson for giving Sirna's Doc Takes A Holiday BOB, CC and the Swedish Champion title and for giving Borzan's Black Rose Rosalie BOS CC and the Swedish & Norwegian Champion titles. Thanks also to Britta for giving Doc's son Best Male 3 and BIS-JUNIOR.
Thanks to the judge Leif Ragnar Hjort who placed Doc as a BIS-2.

October 7, 2006 Sundsvall SKK  

Sirna's Doc Takes A Holiday became BOS with CC and CACIB. Thanks to the judge Kirsti Lummelampi. The day after, at SDHK, he also became BOS with CC and the judge was Tuula Plathan.

July 1, 2006 Visby Gotland

Sirna's Doc Takes A Holiday entered his first show in Sweden with success - BOB CC CACIB & BIG-5. Borzan's Black Rose Rosalie BOS CC CACIB.
Thanks to the judge, Henrik Johansson, who appreciated our dogs so much. Also thanks to the judge, Ove Germundsson, for giving BIG-5 to our imported dog and also gave Rosalie her 2nd CC on the Sunday.

Jan 6, 2006 SKK Gothenburg

NW-03 Highwave Queen Of Hearts (Sara) BOS, CC, Swedish & Norwegian Champion. Thanks to the judge, Dan Eriksson, who appreciated our black Danish import so much.


May 22, 2005 SDHK Tånga Hed
Judge: Christian Geelmuyden, Norway

Paddington BOB & BIS, Sara BOS

Thanks to the judge, Christian Geelmuyden, who gave NW-03 Highwave Queen Of Hearts BOS and CC. FinjW-03 Borzan's Paddington Teddybear BOB, CC, Nordic Champion and also made him BEST IN SHOW.


Norwegian Winner 2003

Highwave Queen Of Hearts (Sara)
Sara became BOS with CC and CACIB out of 47 other pugs. Thanks to the judge Andreas Schemel, England.


Finish Junior Winner 2003

Borzan's Paddington Teddybear
Paddington became BM-2 with CC at the age of 10 months old out of 78 other pugs. He also got the title Finish Junior Winner 2003. Thanks to the judge Unto Timonen Finland, who appreciated our young boy so much.


Aug 10, 2002 NKK Oslo

Klehaugens Gullvivan
CC, CACIB, BOS & Norwegian Winner 2002. Thanks to the judge Gunnel Holm, Finland.


NKK Hamar 2002

Borzan's Nathalie Dreamgirl
Nordic Young Dog Winner.


Norwegian Winner 2001

S CH Kastanjan Lotus Lothar CC, Norwegian Champion, CACIB, Norwegian Winner 2001, BOB & BIG-3

S & N CH Borzan's Hedvig Hallonsylt Norwegian Winner 2001, CACIB,  & BOS.
Owner: Borzan's Kennel. Thanks to the judge, Sven Helgesen Norway, who gave our dogs both BOB and BOS and also placed Lotus as BIG-3 in the group.